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Dragons have been the subject of countless stories and tales all around the world. In western culture, dragons are usually found in castles 🏰, caves or mountains. Meanwhile, eastern dragons tend to live in the seas or in the skies. In other words, each type of dragon has its own habitat. We've done some research to find out where the most famous species of dragons live; here's our findings. 

Where do Chinese Dragons live?

Dragons are among the most important creatures of Chinese mythology. They are usually considered as water gods and have control over the weather. As such, they most often live in large bodies of water 🌊: oceans, seas, lakes, rivers or wetlands. For instance, Panlong, a dragon that is worshiped for his ability to summon rain, is said to live in Lake Tai (East China). Longma, a dragon-horse deity that controlled the flow of rivers and sometimes advised the Emperor, inhabited the Luo River (South Central China).

Being gods, some Chinese dragons also live in the skies ☁️. Tianlong, the flying dragon, gatekeeper of Heaven, lives in a palace of clouds, far beyond the reach of human vision. Feilong, another dragon god who has control over the winds, also lives in the sky among the sea of clouds.

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Where do European Dragons live?

European dragons (also called western dragons), are known to be fearsome animals that have a strong tendency to hoard things like gold, jewels or even princesses (hence the need for brave knights!). As a consequence, they enjoy places such as caves or abandoned castles 🏰 where they can stash their highly valuable possessions. Being solitary creatures, they live far away from cities or any kind of human settlement.

The answer is pretty unanimous when it comes to western dragons habitat. We can mention several examples: Draco, from the 1996 movie DragonHeart, is found in a large cave with flowing lava at the beginning of the film. Fafnir, the famous dwarf turned dragon from Norse mythology, lived in his father's castle after killing him out of greed. Smaug, Maleficent, Shrek's dragon... the list goes on and on.

So yeah, European dragons like their gloomy caves and long forsaken castles. It's actually hard to find a western dragon that does not live in such kind of reclusive place. If you have some examples, please let me know in the comment section, I couldn't find any off the top of my head.

European Dragons

There you go, now you know exactly where dragons live and why. Don't brag about it though! 😉

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